Construction Safety Hazard Awareness Course for Contractors EM 385-1-1

This 40-hour class is designed specifically for contractors, military, and government employees, doing business with the US Navy, NAVFAC, US Army Corps of Engineers and other government agencies that require EM 385 training.

Learn how to properly prepare a site-specific Accident Prevention Plan (APP) – this plan must be very detailed and address the management processes that will be used to prevent hazards from being present in all phases of the contract. Activity Hazard Analysis (AHA) forms require contractors to take an extremely proactive approach by anticipating and controlling hazards prior to an accident occurring - defining the activity being performed, and identifying the work sequence, specific hazards anticipated, and the control measures to be implemented to eliminate or reduce each hazard to an acceptable level.

Topics also include:

  • Jobsite Inspections and Employee Training - Weekly safety meetings must be relevant to the work that a crew is performing on the job at that time. EM-385 1-1 requires that a contractor quality control person shall conduct and document daily safety inspections.
  • Site Safety Health Officer's qualifications and responsibilities
  • Incident response and reporting procedures

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