OSHA Confined Space Training

About OSHA Confined Space Training

This class is provided for supervisors or employees who are or who may be tasked with responsibility as the “competent person.”

Construction related confined spaces – Hazard recognition and control

This class teaches what you need in order to understand the new OSHA Confined Space Specification that was released by Federal OSHA in August of 2015 and adopted for use by VOSH effective January 1, 2016.

The Virginia confined space standard for the construction industry will be covered in this course. Topics to cover include:

  • The Virginia standard OSHA confined space standard
  • USACE EM 385 – applicability, differences from VA standard
  • Air sampling
  • Likely hazards for heavy and utility construction contractors – sewers, manholes, pump stations, trenches/excavations, vaults, pits etc.
  • Rescue/retrieval/emergency procedures
  • Roles and responsibilities – Attendants, entrants, qualified person, rescuers
  • Permitting requirements
  • Ventilation, respiratory protection
  • Tools and equipment – work practices
  • Fall protection and safe access

Upcoming Classes

Upcoming classes to be announced.