To Virginia excavation stakeholders and pipeline operators;


A recent cyber-attack on Colonial Pipeline causing its shutdown has left many areas across the state with limited or no gas supply.  The shortage of fuel has already begun to effect the locating and excavating communities; locators responding to tickets, and contractors having fuel to run equipment. As of 1800 hours on 5/12/21 Colonial Pipeline restarted their system. However, it will take a few days for fuel supplies to “normalize”.


During this time, we would ask that everyone exercise due care around utilities and be patient with getting locates.  We encourage locators to use the following response codes where needed on non-emergency tickets until fuel becomes more readily available:



We would also ask that the excavating community, if possible, delay starting any new Non-emergency projects which would further complicate the situation.


In addition, please keep in mind that once fuel becomes available it is going to take some time for the locate community to catch up.  Again, we ask that everyone be patient and exercise due care during this unusual situation.  If you have any further questions, please feel free to contact us.



Carl Dale                                                                                          Scott Marshall

Damage Prevention Program Manager                                     Pipeline Safety Program Manager

Division of Utility and Railroad Safety                                      Division of Utility and Railroad Safety